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Twisted Fate

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Welcome to Twisted Fate guild site of Vindictus on East Server.  Now accepting active, mature members of all levels.

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Episode 5: The Lost Artifact is now Live!

New Episode + Bonus Chapters

Episode 5: The Lost Artifact

Journey to the icy caverns of Hoarfrost Depths and face fearsome new foes including the legendary Yeti clans as the battle against the Fomors rages on. 

Bonus Episodes

6 new bonus missions, including 5 deadly new raid bosses and a new area, the Hilder Forest Ruins!

New Level Cap and Skills

Become more powerful than ever with the new level cap of 60 and new skills such as Shield Charge, Fury No. 7 and Reverse Gravity!

Skill: Reverse Gravity
Character: Evie
Level Requirement: 52
Descr1ption: Objects and enemies become airborne as the gravity around Evie is reversed. The gravity is suddenly reversed yet again, inflicting crashing damage on the enemies.

Skill: Fury No. 7
Character: Lann
Level Requirement: 52
Descr1ption: Gliding Fury, now stronger and faster, is used 7 times in a row. Users can decide the direction for each of the Gliding Fury attacks. The character does not suffer damage from the enemy while Fury No.7 is being used.

Skill: Shield Charge
Character: Fiona
Level Requirement: 52
Descr1ption: The character attacks the enemy with a powerful charge attack. The character does not suffer damage from the enemy while the skill is being used.

Plus so much more!

Vindictus Updates    

Dear Mercenaries-

We are very excited to announce that the Lost Artifact Update will be coming to Vindictus on February 16, 2011!

The Lost Artifact will be the largest update to Vindictus so far, including all of Episode 5, plus 6 bonus mission featuring some of the most challenging raid bosses in the game. In addition, this update will bring Hero Mode for mercenaries looking for an additional challenge, an all-new Gauntlet Mode which will allow players to take on a whole new type of battle, Item Enchanments, a new Level Cap of 60 and more!

The Lost Artifact update also adds two new areas to Vindictus: Hoarfrost Depths and Hilder Forest. Vicious new mobs abound in the new areas, including Yetis, new Kobold variants and more.

Check out the video above to see a sneak peak of the Lost Artifact Update!

-The Vindictus Team-

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